Face the Darkness - Single


Face the Darkness is a song I wrote about an experience I had on a trip to South Dakota. I went out to help on an Indian reservation teaching Vacation Bible School (VBS). I actually did go the year before as well so this would have been my second year going. And as I was out there my heart was really overwhelmed with the darkness. Every time I would help lead kids home after VBS it really tugged on my heart. But one time in particular stood out to me. 

One night I walked home a little girl that came to VBS, and after we dropped her off the person that was with me began to tell me the girls story. They told me how her mom was abusive. At one point the girls mom threw her down the stairs. That was the reason for the girls scars. The girl was also scared of water because her mom attempted to drown her. The girl was no longer living with her mom and she was then living with her grandparents. 

Sometimes it's easy to get frustrated with kids when helping with kid's club or a VBS. But to hear that story was so good for me to remember where a lot of kids come from. 

I don't ever want Face the Darkness to become a song that I sing. I wrote it from my heart and want to continue to sing it as the burden God has placed in my heart. For those of you who have a burden for working with kids, I hope this song will touch you. God Bless.

-Josiah Blevins  

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