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These are some of the films we made when we were starting out. We tend to cringe every time we watch them but people enjoyed them so much that we decided to keep them online. Hope you enjoy.

Daring Escape

Daring Escape is a short, fun, and adventurous film about the danger of Bible smuggling.

Accapella Police

Here is a goofy clip we did for English one day.

The Chase

A young missionary and his sidekick have to outrun the government! Will They be able to smuggle the Bibles? Hold your breathe as you watch this blood rushing, PG-13 Rated chase film!
Not really... ;D

Hair cream


This is an ad that Josiah made for school. Gotta love homeschooling!

Boy Vs. Wild

Another ad, another school project.


Playing Pups

Here is a clip from a litter of pups one of our dogs had.

Playing in the Snow


Enjoying Some Winter Weather!

Wesley's B-day

Happy 10th birthday Wesley!